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Holiday Baskets



Pregnancy Magazine, Gear & Style Guide, Summer 2008
Elegant Baby (Baby’s First Medical Kit), Fuzzi Bunz, Pedoodle, Elegant Baby (Baby on the Go), Monkey Doodle, New Native Baby Carrier & JOIA Mommy Cover.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine        August 2008
Haute Tots (Harlow Madden).  No Slippy Hair Clippy & Elegant Baby (Baby’s First Piggy Bank)

American Baby               September 2008
Green feature:  Pedoodles

HotMomsClub.  BabyMakes3 contest/giveaway.  Summer 2008

LA Parent, BabyMakes3 contest/giveaway.  Quarterly Baby Guide. Summer 2008

Pregnancy & Newborn, Baby2Be contest /giveaway.  August 2008

Staten Island Parent (Staten Island, NY), BabyMakes3 contest, May to August 2008

Metro Parent (Portland, OR).  Baby2Be contest /giveaway.  Annual Your Baby & You Guide, October 2008

WhatsHotForTots, BabyMakes3 contest/giveaway, Fall 2008

Pregnancy & Newborn, Annual Holiday Baskets, November 2008

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
BopStarBaby, Baby2Be Basket contest & giveaway con’t. April 2008

South Florida Parenting.
Annual Baby & Maternity Guide. (March) 2008 BopStarBaby, BabyMakes3 contest & giveaway.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
BopStarBaby, Baby2Be Basket contest & giveaway. March 2008

UPCOMING 2008 HotMomsClub Member rewards.
Spring 2008 BopStarBaby, BabyMakes3 baskets, Grand Prize, membership rewards.

Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine
BopStarBaby, Baby2Be Basket contest & giveaway. July 2008

Metro Parent, Portland, OR Annual Baby Guide.
BopStarBaby, Baby2Be Basket contest & giveaway. Fall 2008 Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine BopStarBaby, Annual Holiday basket, contest & giveaway. November 2008
2008 PARTICIPANT PUBLICITY New York Sun “Divalysscious Moms”, Belly sock review.

In Touch Weekly. Scott Baio & Renee Sloan. Introducing Baby Bailey in Simply FaBOWlous ribbon cap.

New York Sun, “Divalysscious Moms”, New native baby carrier review.

US Weekly Baby Legs & No Slippy Hair Clippy. Special requests from Samantha Harris for “Celebrity Babies” issue photo shoot.

US Weekly Patricia Ann Designs. Seal & with son Henry in PAD giraffe bib.

UPCOMING 2007 Country Weekly, BopStarBaby Annual Holiday contest/giveaway. November 19 2007
(4 million cir)

Celebrity Baby Blog. BopStarBaby, Annual Holiday Basket. Daily auction item*.
November 20 2007

Celebrity Baby Blog, BabyMakes3 Daily auction item (support of Breastfeeding Fdn).
November 27 2007

Metro Parent (Portland, OR). Baby2Be contest /giveaway. October 2007 (65,000)
2006/2007 CONTESTS & GIVEAWAY Pregnancy Magazine (Front cover placement), US Weekly, Country Weekly, Portland’s Metro Parent (Your Baby & You annual supplement), Atlanta Baby (semi-annual baby guide), Staten Island Parent (3 month contest), Nashville Parent (semi-annual baby guide)
2007 PARTICIPANT PUBLICITY Metro Parent (Portland, OR) - Cool Baby Gear feature story included BopStarBaby participants Fuzzi Bunz, Motherlove, New Native (Carrier & Swaddling blanket), BabyLegs and Bellysock. October 2007

Pregnancy Magazine “Who’s Your Favorite Celebrity Parents” Feature on celebrity baby product picks. Photo editor requested client samples from BopStarBaby. Full page photo of BabyLegs and celebrity dad approved diaper bag pick, Skip Hop. April 2007 (220,000)

The Nancy O’Dell/Access Hollywood , Exclusive VIP placement baby shower catalogue.

TLC/Discovery Channel’s Bringing Home Baby 2007/2008 Season

Product placement for Elegant Baby, Patricia Ann Designs, Skip Hop.
TLC / Discovery Channel

Bringing Home Baby
Product placement for entire (upcoming) 2007/2008 season. 
Elegant Baby, Patricia Ann Designs, Skip Hop


The Nancy O’Dell
Access Hollywood

Exclusive VIP placement baby shower & nursery planning catalogue.        
BabyLegs, Brainy Baby, Elegant Baby, Miracle Blanket, Motherlove Herbal Company, New Native Baby Carrier, No Slippy Hair Clippy, Patricia Ann Designs, Robeez, Simply FaBOWlous, Skip Hop.

Pregnancy Magazine

Feature article on celebrity parents. 
Requested samples from BopStarBaby of client(s) Skip Hop, BabyLegs       
April 2007 (02/20/07)                        Circulation:  220,000

Country Weekly

Contest & Giveaway     BopStarBaby, New Celebrity Parents Basket
March 26 2007    (03/13/07)              Circulation:  4 million

Nashville Parent

Nashville Baby, Bi-Annual Magazine
Contest & Giveaway, BopStarBaby, New Celebrity Parents Basket
April 2007. On newsstands until September 2006. Circulation:  150,000

Pregnancy Magazine

Contest, “Who’s Your Favorite Celebrity Parents” 
Personalized BopStar Baby Celebrity Basket to winners.
May 2007. (03/20/07)                        Circulation:  220,000

Country Weekly

Contest & Giveaway     BopStarBaby Annual Holiday (Christmas) Baskets   
November 19 2007 (11/05/07)                       Circulation:  4 million

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