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BopStar-PR maintains an ongoing list of A-List celebrities (film, television, sports and just plain famous) who are expecting, including the baby’s due date plus any additional siblings in the household.  Within 3-4 weeks of the baby’s birth announcement gift baskets of premium A-list baby products are sent to the new parents.  Each basket is personalized for the celebrity couple (girl versus boy plus acknowledgment of additional children in the household).  An average of 6 to 10 baskets are shipped out every month.  BopStarBaby clients are updated on  a monthly basis on recent VIP basket recipients.

BopStar-PR maintains a unique relationship with artists’ representatives ensuring that all baby baskets are immediately forwarded to their clients.  Since the baskets are clear packaging, the representative can quickly check out the package and forward to their celebrity clients without hesitation. The response from the representatives has been great; the response from basket recipients even better with a number of personal thank you notes to MaryLenore, BopStarBaby and various BopStarBaby clients.  Any and all comments and feedback are shared with current BopStarBaby clients.

Last fall BopStarBaby debuted nationally with a basket giveaway in US Weekly.  In 2007 BopStar-PR will aggressively promote and publicize BopStarBaby Celebrity Baby Baskets and BopStarBaby clients.  Coverage is already confirmed for BopStarBaby editorial coverage, BopStarBaby client editorial coverage and special basket giveaways.  Publications range from Country Weekly Magazine to Pregnancy Magazines and various regional parenting publications. BopStar clients are updated on a regular basis for all publicity, promotions or advertising for the baskets. 

In December, BopStarBaby celebrated the holidays and our Top 20 Celebrity Parents of 2006 with the first annual BopStarBaby Holiday Basket Promotion.  This special campaign, for holiday themed baskets (Christmas & Hanukah) was limited to BopStarBaby current clients & special holiday companies.  It was a resounding success  “MaryLenore:  Thanks so much for blessing our family with these amazing products from amazing folks!! Love, Angela Bassett. ”

In 2007 BopStarBaby will continue to upgrade the quality of premium baby products for inclusion in the celebrity baby baskets in hopes other baby product manufacturers will fall in low with these beautiful baskets and clamor to be BopStarBaby clients.  In addition, BopStar-PR will enhance its commitment to environmental awareness and recycling by explorting the “greening” of the baby’s physical environment throught non-toxic products that will bring a new, socially conscious edge to the baby baskets.


BopStarBaby’s 2007 Agenda includes to promote and publicize BopStarBaby Celebrity baby baksets with contests and giveaways in magazine both nationally and locally and to aggressively promote and publicize BopStarBaby participating clients. - click here for additional information.


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